Contact-lens care
easy and safe
any time and place

A pain becomes a joy by the press of a button

Yes, I like to enjoy great comfort at the press of a button

Available end of 2021

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Made in Germany

Joy by the press of a button

As stylish as you - as essential as your eye health

You love to wear contact lenses but get frustrated by the difficult daily cleaning process? Not any longer. With Lenzbox, lens cleaning and storing become convenient, safe and stylish.

Just insert your lenses in the Lenzbox, press the button – and you’re done!

Avoid eye infection and take it along with you to any place you like.


Easy One-touch-Cleaning. Refill as easy as Nespresso.

Safe and hygeniec

Maintains your eye health with reliable protection against viruses and germs.


Fits in every handbag and carry on bags. All-in-one design without loose parts.

How easy Lenzbox works


Insert lenses

Open the lid, insert lenses in the lens-chambers and close the lid.

Press the button

Your lenses are disinfected, rinsed and safely stored over night by the press of a button.


Remove lenses

Easily release used fluid from the chambers, and remove lenses in order to wear them again.

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