We make contact lens cleaning
safe, convenient & stylish
at the press of a button

Expected availability end of 2021

Quantum leap in user experience

You love to wear contact lenses but get frustrated by the difficult daily cleaning process?
Lenzbox solves this problem: Lens cleaning and storing become convenient, safe and stylish. Just insert your lenses in the Lenzbox, press the button – and you’re done! Our innovative system provides a convenient solution, reduces risk of eye infection, and is perfect to take along with you!

Save time and hassles

One touch cleaning: Put the lens in the box, press the button, done. Refill is as easy as Nespresso

Safe and hygienic

Replaceable cartridge bag: Closed fluidic system with valve controlled filling of lens chambers (airless)

Stylish design

Fits in every handbag and carry on bags. All-in-one design without loose parts.

How Lenzbox works

Insert lenses

Open the lid, insert lenses in the lens-chambers and close the lid

Press the button

Your lenses are disinfected, rinsed and safely stored over night by the press of a button

Remove lenses

Easily release used fluid from the chambers, and remove lenses in order to wear them again.

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Expected availability end of 2021

With Lenzbox, a pain becomes a joy.









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