Our Innovations

Redefining Contact-lens care


A good contact lens-care is as important as good contact lenses.

A deficient lens-care or bad storage can result in bad sight or even in dangerous infections of the eyes.

Conventional lens-care requires a special lens-container and a separate fluid-dispenser.

Disinfecting fluid from a recipient is manually dispenssed into the lens-chambers where the contact lenses are stored.


The lenzbox device combines contact lens-chambers and a fluid-dispenser to only one product without any loose parts

The integrated reservoir contains sufficient lens-fluid so that you can daily store and clean your lenses for at least 2 weaks.

Just by the press of a button contact lens fluid is pumped into the lens-chambers.

The lid remains closed during this procedure so the user doesn’t get in contact at all with lens-fluid.

Indicators (red) integrated within the lid show you if your lenses are being properly stored.

Fluid from the reservoir is pumped valve-controlled directly within the lens-chambers and cannot flow back into the reservoir.

Compared to conventional fluid-dispensers, the lenzbox-valve system is preventing germs from contaminating the fluid stored within the reservoir.

It allows you to directly inject fluid within the contact lens chambers while the lid remains closed. The user is therfore inserting his contact lenses within the dry lens-chambers, closes the lid and preses the button.

You can neither spill nor overdose any fluid.

Lenscare has never been easier.

Before removing your contact lenses you can easily release the chamber-fluid without opening the lid.

When opening the lid your cleaned lenses are ready to be worn.

Six simple steps

How it works

Open lid and insert each contact-lens into the designated chamber

Close lid

Press the button - the lens-chambers are automatically filled with lens-fluid

Easy release fluid from the lens-chambers before removing the lenses

Remove stored contact lenses in order to wear these

When desired directly pump lens-fluid from the lenzbox into your palm in order to manually rub and rinse lenses